Cultivating Faith in Your Heart – Episode #545

Cultivating Faith in Your Heart - Episode 545

I’m going to keep the writing short this morning while I recommend you listen to the episode at to hear the whole thing.

Here are the highlights for my readers:
• Faith is a marathon.
• Faith works by love.
• Faith grows in the heart / inner being / your spirit.
• The seed is God’s Word or promise, and the ground is your spirit!
• You must come to the place where you’re finally convinced in your heart that the promise is yours.
• Stay focused on the promise allowing your spirit to reproduce it from seed stage to a full harvest.

How to Know When You’re in Faith – Episode #543

The Daily Motivator

As long as you’re worrying about the situation you’re facing and still looking for an answer, you’re not yet in faith. This is the simple and direct answer. Come along and let’s learn to know when we’re actually in faith and when we’re not and what to do get in faith.