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Where is your focus? On today’s episode, https://eonthemove.com/podcast575, let’s get reminded of the importance and benefits of minding your own business.
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There’s enough news going out all day long about people whose lives shouldn’t matter to you. What about your life, your purpose?
Are you going to spend your life checking out your neighbors or will you just do what you were put here for?
Sales guys mind their own business – their territory
You can’t do much for the other territories
On a plane they tell you to put your mask on first in case of emergency.
Mind yourself first, then your neighbor.
Where’s your faith?
It’s time to check whether you’re walking by faith or by sight.
We take care of our cars but we don’t check if we have chinks in the armor.
if you were in a war would you mind your business first and make sure you’re properly dressed in case you have to join the battle?
Let me remind you: There’s enough news going out all day long about people whose lives shouldn’t matter to you. What about your life, your purpose?
You have a life and a purpose here.
Soon the time will be over and you will have to give account of what you did that was in line with your purpose.
Don’t waste your time. Mind your business and get busy living in the King’s will for your life.

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After all it’s about establishing better habits in your life as this year is just getting started.
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