There 3 key areas that your business needs to focus on:

1. Business Coaching
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2. Personal Coaching
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A. Marketing or Lead Generation

  1. Marketing Strategy Development
  2. Branding Script Development
  3. Advertising and Publicity Services
  4. Quiz/Survey Funnel Development
  5. Podcast Launch
  6. Blogging Launch
  7. SEO Marketing Research

B. Sales or Lead Conversion

  1. Sales Funnel Creation
  2. Content Development
  3. Product Creation
  4. Webinar Creation
  5. Website Implementation Services

C. Operations or Lead Nurturing

  1. Ad Tracking and ROI (Marketing Services)
  2. FB Chatbot Creation and Management
  3. Marketing Automation Services
  4. Email Follow up Sequences
  5. SMS/MMS Text Sequences
  6. Membership Site Development
  7. Marketing Calendar Creation

D. Small Business Services

  1. Logo Creation
  2. Graphic Design (Photoshop & Canva)
  3. Business Card Creation
  4. Postcards
  5. Video Editing
  6. Audio Editing
  7. Proposal Development
  8. Invoice Creation
  9. Project Management