Your Word, O Lord, is forever settled in Heaven

Your Word, O Lord, is forever settled in Heaven - 8-22-21Your Word, O Lord, is forever settled in heaven.
Ps. 119:89 has been a powerful reminder in my life that whenever situations don’t seem to be going my way, or otherwise, to remember that God’s word is settled!
I can’t add to it, nor take away from it.
Matter of fact, the most important thing I can do is to get His word and settle it in my heart.
In teaching the disciples to pray, Jesus says, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
When you read Jesus you discover that God’s Word reveals His will clearly. His Word is His will.
The only way His will is going to happen in your life on earth is if the word is settled in you once and for all.
God will perform His word as long as you’re willing to take Him at His word (meaning – believe His word and act on it).
There’s more to this, but some of us will have to get past some of our religious teachings that God’s will is mysterious, when it’s clearly spelled out in His word for us!
But enough about that. Let me call your attention to why we’re here today. ūüėČ
An interesting fact in Ps 119 is that every 8 verses, a new Hebrew letter is defined.
Ps 119:89 starts the Lamed – the 12th Hebrew letter, with gematria (or numerical value) 30 – lots more revelation there for another time!
This Hebrew letter Lamed is the tallest of the Hebrew letters.
My friend and Pastor Dan Stratton would teach us that it’s the learning house, and the leb (man’s heart).
So indeed, as tall as the Lamed is, it’s where you learn, and the place for you to hide what you’ve learned is in your heart.
Interestingly enough, our mind is not the learning center as some would have us believe. You can reason with your mind, but you learn with your heart!
Because ultimately what you learn dictates your beliefs, and cause you to act accordingly.
There are way more revelations than what I could share here with you, but that’s all I say today, but I won’t leave you to hang dry, though. See more below.
BTW, if you’re interested in a free course on just the Hebrew letters, check out Pastor Dan’s New Hebrew School.
It’s short 5 to 10 minute teachings on each letter.
He’ll send you one letter every week to start whetting your appetite for the Hebrew revelations he’s been studying the past 2+ decades.
After all, Jesus and Paul were all Jews, and our faith comes from people who think with a Jewish mindset.
Warning, these lessons are not for the casual bible reader. He will take you deep into revelations you may never have heard before.
But it will make you a page turner and find out where that revelation comes from.
He’s been teaching these to his congregation for at least 21 years, and I’ve personally known Pastor Dan for 22 years now! WOW – time flies!
So, visit to get started!
Now for my own revelations that I’m working through.
God’s word is forever settled in heaven.
But it’s going to take you and me to establish it upon the earth.
We are the agents that will do great exploits.
If we don’t, then those that come after us will have to do them.
It’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times, but God did leave us His best in His Word (not to forget His Spirit who is present with us since Pentecost).
So, regardless of what you’re facing, don’t forget that His word, His promises are settled in Heaven.
They are Yeah and Amen in Him according to Paul.
It’s up to you to receive them and walk them out.
Lamed – Learn it and hide it in your heart!
For with the heart we believe and with the mouth we declare what we believe and ultimately walk into it as we take appropriate actions.
Have a great day!


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