Where do I start?

As you’ve now found out, this young lady is now living with her Heavenly Father.  I can’t thank you enough for your interest in her life and following her videos.  (Want to know what happened exactly?  Just click here to read more about the cause of her passing)

Many have approached me since her departure to express their condolences for our family, and we absolutely thank you for that.

At this stage we’re not accepting any more donations as everyone who participated made it all possible right here from Puerto Rico and from around the states and abroad.  We couldn’t be more thankful for your precious gifts.

My wife was always producing something, and this gift has stayed with our family as she and I had decided to raise future entrepreneurs as we show them what it’s all about through our productions and creations.

Yadira not only produced her own videos, but she started a whole video series with the kids called 3KidUTubers.  We’re just starting up these videos again in 2019.  If you’d like to learn more and see them just go click Here at 3KidUTubers.com.

As for me, I’m a full-time Entrepreneur, and Business Consultant, teaching others how to leverage Internet Marketing and Sales strategies to double their business growth in less than a year in most cases.  If you want to hear more about this, just head over to my Podcast Page and select any of the Podcast Episodes of interest to you. 

On Podcast Episode #384 I celebrated what would have been my wife’s 41st birthday in 2019.  Feel free to check it out.

If you’d like regular updates on how my children and I are doing, feel free to get on our Newsletter, and we’ll send you something once a week on what we’ve been up to, or at least a Podcast Episode from The Daily Motivator from my Weekend Reflections.

Thank you.
Pierre Laguerre

P.S. If you’d like to see the Home Going Service and Memorial and Burial Service, just click here