40 Revolutions Around The Sun!  Where in The World is Yadira Laguerre?
originally published Monday April 9, 2018

It all started when we came back from Christmas in the states.  I remember in January, my wife had a small bout of hard breathing one day, which she quickly dismissed.  Then on February 25th 2018 after walking up a hill in San Juan to go to a Vegan festival the same thing happened, and she stopped for a good five minutes.  I remember going ahead with one of the girls while she caught her breath after coming up that steep hill to the Convention Center in San Juan.  

I asked her what was wrong and she said that it was just a temporary malaise.  She’d be OK, but it piqued my attention as to why it happened.  Now, if you know my wife, she has a very high pain threshold, and as a result will not take any medications or make doctor visits unless when it’s an issue she can’t deny. She doesn’t like medication and everything she does is very natural.
So, with that in mind I want to share with you where in the world she is right now, and what’s been happening the last two weeks…
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Thank you for your interest in the rest of the story.  It’s important now that you take time to read this for the next few minutes as I’ll reveal exactly where in the world my wife is right now.
So, two weeks ago, literally days after her birthday which happened on March 24th, whenever she walked uphill, she started stopping to catch her breath even longer.  On her birthday we went to Coamo, where her dad was born, and that picture of us upon the hill was taken after she caught her breath.  
Now, my wife does Zumba, and never exhibited these symptoms anytime at Zumba, except during her last week when they had to go down to the floor to do crunches that she told me she would ask the kids to bring her water because she had to catch her breath.  She was actually about to teach the Friday classes for a month, but then once this sickness manifested, I asked her to take a week or more off to recover.
So Thursday April 5, at 10:45pm she was pacing the floor in our bedroom as she couldn’t sleep like she usually did.  Matter of fact this past week she had to sometimes sit in the couch with pillows behind her back.  When her situation got worse two weeks ago, I forced her to go see one of our doctors – a neighbor in our building who respects our way of living – vegan/faith in Christ/homeschoolers/etc..
She had gone to the lab after his clinic visit for a battery of tests, which all came back negative, except for the only blood test that shows she was a little anemic.  Anyway, back to Thursday night as she was pacing the floor, she asked me to pray for her.  My wife and I always pray when we have some kind of pain in our bodies.  So I usually do, I take authority over the area of pain and call it out of her body.  And she would feel better as the pain level would decrease down from a 5 out of 10, then to a 2, and eventually a .2 to nonexistent.  
That night was no different.  She got back in bed, but then by midnight she was up again not able to sleep.  She woke me up to pray for her.  I was in and out of sleep on the bed, and she called me to get up to pray for her.  I did, and starting asking her if she wanted a massage with lavender oil to which she said no and that he pain was getting worse.  I asked if she wanted me to call the doctor at this point.  She said not yet.  She doesn’t like doctors or medicine but she did go to the lab the prior week.  So, I kept praying for her and following her around the bedroom to help comfort her pain.  
Eventually she went to the bathroom to throw up on the sink – she didn’t throw up anything – then she sat down on the floor and proceeded to throw up in the little garbage can.  I recognized some of the cornmeal with beans she ate the prior evening.  Immediately I asked her if she wante the doctor to be called as she was suddenly sweating.  She said “Yes, sure – call him.”  I went next door and knocked on Dr. Gustavo’s door and asked him to come back home with me.  He came immediately.
When he walked in she was leaning her head against the sink around the cabinet, and he asked me to call 911 immediately and get an ambulance on the premises.  I did and went to the gate to let the guard know.  By the time I came back in the house he was already administering CPR to her.  I quickly called one of her best friends and asked her to start praying for her.
Well, there’s a ton more details I could go on writing here, but for the sake of time, I’ll spare you the details and tell you what happened after she was taken to the hospital that night.  I went with her and my neighbor, the doctor, kept doing CPR on her all the way to the emergency room. As they worked on getting her back, at first she wasn’t responding, but 30 minutes in the hospital her heart started responding and beating on its own again.  The doctor’s wife who works at the hospital came out of the room to let me know that may prayers were working as I was sitting in front of the emergency room declaring scriptures over her.  
But then, at 3:25am, they came out with the bad news that my wife passed and has no more breath in her lungs.  I quickly went in and asked to pray over her body to bring her life back, because I believe in a greater doctor.  However, the coroner came in shortly after I started praying to ask me more questions around the cause of this situation.  
There’s more that happened, and I wouldn’t give up on her.  But ultimately Saturday after having the body to myself to pray over her, I made peace with the fact that she’s in Heaven in the presence of her two little girls (Annalyse and Francesca) whom she never gave birth to after they died in her womb 5 and 4 years ago.  I made peace with that and told my 3 children here the truth of where Mommy is, and they made peace with it too after we cried together and talked about what we liked most about my wife, their mommy!
Now, you know the facts, and where in the world Yadira Laguerre is.  She would have wanted me to give you all these details and that’s why I spared almost nothing to write it out for you.  Sunday I went to the Forensics Sciences Center in San Juan to relate the circumstances surrounding her passing and to identify her body so they can conduct autopsies to identify the exact cause of her passing.

  For your information, Yadira Laguerre, nee Yadira Torres Martinez, her body was buried in Bejucos Cemetery in Isabela, PR.  However, my children and I know without a doubt that she lives in Heaven as Jesus Christ has promised to those who believe in Him and His Word.  Though it is appointed to every man to die once and then the judgment, we don’t have to die young.  However, it’s important to understand that death is nothing more than a transition.  Your job is to make sure you know this Jesus who was the only One to beat death to this day!  He promised us true life after this life.  He called Himself, the Way, the Truth and the LIFE. 

Everything below, no longer applies, but it’s what I wrote 2 days after her passing.  Today, if you’d like to support the family, I recommend you get a copy of my wife’s only Album that was posthumously released on what would have been our 13th year anniversary.  You can find it here.

Now, I’m asking for your support as we’re working to get all funds paid for her funeral this week, and the payments that follow and to get my kids a few more trips to see their grandma in NJ.  You are not obligated to do anything at all, but if you do, there is a blessing in it for you, knowing that you are sowing into good ground by helping my family during this time.


If you’re interested, you can go here and donate.  Otherwise, you can leave comments, feedback in terms of prayers, words of encouragement, etc..  I’m not taking questions at this stage as you understand the gravity of the situation and the process that my kids and I are going through right now.  I value your friendship with Yadira and/or me, and thank you for reading this far, and for doing whatever you choose to at this stage. 


I will send out the details of the funeral so that you are in the loop and can come if you have the time later this week.  It will most likely be Friday evening wake/viewing, and Saturday morning burial.  But we will communicate it to you ASAP today or next day.