Today marks one year since my wife’s transition to Heaven. Join me on as I share some really personal thoughts on Leaving your Legacy, and the power of marriage. Also, check out the poem I wrote about her below the podcast player on the podcast page link.

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A Poem To Celebrate My Wife Yadira.

Y ou have always believed the King’s Word

A nd received His promises even when you sometimes

D idn’t understand the full ramifications.

I n your faith you stepped across islands and oceans to

R ally family and friends and to discover new frontiers

A nd now you have crossed the ultimate frontier to His presence!


L ove for the King has been your greatest expression

A nd in the songs you sang you shared your passion for His Kingdom.

G reat is the King! there is no searching of His

U nderstanding for He gives us His promises and wants us to

E xpect His Word to come to pass.  You sure expected and 

R ecorded many testimonies from what you lived and 

R eceived from the King.  And now in glory, life

E ternal you have entered, but I will see you again in His Kingdom!

Our Most Popular Episode Yet: Celebrating My Wife Yadira. Episode #384

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