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Ever heard of the digital artist who sold his NFT art for $69.3 Million dollars. He’s known as Beeple, but he started drawing as a kid, and he admits that he was really bad at it.
So, want to be an expert? You must be bad before you get good or better. Are you willing to?
We all look at experts as if they are special people. But they all started where they were no experts at all.
So I ask you today? Want to become an expert in 2022? Want to get better at what you do?
You have the opportunity to get better.
They say it takes around 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field.
How much time are you willing to devote to your craft daily?
If you put in one hour a day, that’s 365 hours in a year, which translates to expertise in about 27 years.
What if you could put 2 hours a day into it?
This will help you reach the bar in half the time, or 13 and half years.
What about 3 or 4 hours a day? At 4 hours a day, you’d know your subject in 4 years.
This explains why you have to study so much in the university! You don’t come out an expert, but you’re well on your way.
Now it’s not everything that you can study for more than 2 hours daily, or actually do for more than 2 hours daily.
However, there are many things you can study to become an expert in.
Ever heard of the digital artist who sold his NFT art for $69.2 Million dollars. He’s known as Beeple, but he started drawing as a kid, and he admits that he was really bad at it.
So, want to be an expert? You must be bad before you get good or better.
Be willing to be bad at it, especially when few people are paying attention to you.
For me, in 2022 it’s improving my speech in English and Spanish, 2 languages that I must speak daily and write as well.
The only way to master a language is to get immersed in a population where people speak it daily and to read it and write it.
My plan has been simple, read the bible through a year in Spanish – write Spanish daily and learn more.
Now that’s not the only thing I want to become an expert in this year. I used to code and started coding again last year, writing my first app.
I’ve learned PHP to code web applications, and learning AJAX and JQuery (all derivatives of the JavaScript language, which frankly I had no interest way back in college or early in my corporate career.) Funny how now I have opportunity to solve problems for my clients using this kind of coding.
A third opportunity for Expertise is in Copywriting. I started studying this one 3 years ago, and I’m getting closer, as I understand a lot more about what it takes to write compelling copy to bring prospects from curiosity to become buyers and eventually clients and fans. There’s still a ton of room to grow here.
What about you? What are you going to be an expert at in 2022?
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