Without vision it’s easy to cast off restraint and stay out of bounds.  On today’s episode, http://EonTheMove.com/podcast503, let’s talk about your plan to stick to the course as you make sure it’s in line with your vision.  Listen and comment.

Episode Notes

For the exercise mentioned on this podcast episode, just go to http://EonTheMove.com.com/LaVid.

You must constantly be creating. 
Sometimes you need a breather, but in reality what you need is a plan to help you stay consistent.
However, the plan must be in line with the vision, or you will soon fall flat on your face.
What’s your vision for your next creation?
Why do you need Vision?  Without vision there’s no restraint.
In other words, everything will fail without vision.  You need vision to help you stay the course.
A little over a week ago, I spoke to the Youth at Puerta Del Rey about Vision.  
I added a simple twist to it to help them realize their vision through an exercise all of us should be doing regularly.
If you have trouble keeping to your new year resolutions, you only have to do this exercise once and it will pull you back on the proper course.
Want to know what the exercise was?
Just go to EonTheMove.com/LaVid or EonTheMove.com/TheVine and download the doc I added with the video.
Anyway, back to vision.
I have always loved speaking, which is why I started with 2 podcasts originally.  However, I lost the vision somewhere along the way or I would have stayed with 2 podcasts.
This happens to you too sometimes I bet.  
We start all gung-ho about the destination, but somewhere along the way to California from Colorado, you get lost in Vegas.


In other words, there are things already in the way that will get your attention.  However, without a vision and consistently following the map to your destination everything that pops up along the way can become a distraction.


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