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While most of us great at making short term goals and plans, many don’t have any written long term goals or plans. On today’s episode, I will encourage you to start making long term goals and plans again by sharing a couple of stories that will stir you up. Let’s Go!
On today’s episode 554, I want to speak about the reason you should still make long term goals and plans.
I know it’s only the 7th day of the new year 2022, but I know that some folks are out there floundering not knowing what to do with the novelty of the new year having worn off already, but that’s not you.
As creatures of habits, most of us are adept at making short term goals.
It’s not that we don’t have long term goals, it’s just that we don’t want to write them down in case of disappointment!
Yep, we’ve all been there.  Life has probably handed you a few disappointments before, but instead of bouncing back, many of us just keep staying small in our thinking.
We make only short term goals because that’s what we can control.
Do you remember a time when you had a dream about what you’d be when you grow up?
Do you remember the fun of planning for those days?
Do you remember the time when you plan your vacations 3 years in advance?  OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but I remember planning a vacation a whole year in advance.
The fact is as human beings we are great at making short term goals and short term plans to go with them.
And the reason is because life has thrown some curves so we got cautious!
But I’m inviting you to dream big again and make long term goals and plans to activate those goals.
You may say, “I hear you Pierre,” but I’m good.
I know you’re good and that’s why I’m inviting you to hear the following story.
By the end of the first quarter of 2020 we couldn’t go anywhere with a crowd and had to maintain social distance. 
Remember it wasn’t that long ago.  And that’s where human ingenuity showed up.
Many folks lost their jobs as a result.
So what did they do?  They started new businesses.  They got creative.
2020 went on record as the year of the startup.  More small business owners showed up on the scene.
Why?  The goal of taking care of their family forced many to get creative and get out there to still make a living.
Some who had big goals didn’t let these facts of Covid stop them.  They pivoted.  That’s right!
They pivoted because they had big goals to reach more people and serve more people.
So, you did the same.  If you lost your job, you had to make a change.
It was like ‘sink or swim.’
And as human beings, facing this new challenge, many decide it’s better to swim.
Some just treaded water but eventually they decided to start swimming too.
What does this all have to do with goals?
When you have long term goals, written long term goals, like a company with a business plan, you pivot when you are forced to.
Some say they have no choice in the matter, but in reality you do.  You pivot and you change lane, but the goal remains the same.
I’ve been here in PR and faced hurricanes, death of a spouse, earthquakes, Covid, but my long term dreams and goals don’t change.
I’m still going to build my house here, and this will be the base from which I start my end time work. 
You have to have the same mindset.  Don’t allow the circumstances to tell you where to go. You tell them by having a written long term goal and plan.
Wait, I hear someone say ‘But you don’t control the environment, Pierre.’  I know, but I know a God who is on my side and will give me victory regardless of what I face.
So my faith is based on the hope of His grace.  I know His promises hold true regardless of what I face.
That’s where my confidence comes from to stick to long term dreams and goals and ultimately to create plans to enact those goals.
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After all it’s about establishing better habits in your life as this year is just getting started.
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