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It’s not enough to have dreams and goals this year, you must have a plan for each goal. Join me on today’s episode as I share about the power in developing a good plan.
It’s so funny how quickly we act on a new idea without so much giving thought to the plan required to bring it to full manifestation.
OK, let me talk about myself here, maybe you can identify with this too.
Sometimes when I have a new idea, I start doing everything to bring it to pass right away forgetting that I have to put in place a good plan to make it happen.
Now, I’m not against having a sense of urgency, but before you jump in with both feet into any commitment this year, consider the cost.
The old saying goes “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”
I don’t like like the sound of that, but it’s true.
This year, there’s a lot riding on your vision and dreams.
I urge you to pull out a notebook and write down your goals.
Better yet, pull out your calendar, and once you have goals set, start putting them on the calendar.
Let me help you.  It’s easy to say I want to lose some weight but that’s not a plan.
A plan is a written set of actions you intend to follow.
It’s more like I will lose 10 lbs by March 1st.
One of my goals is to improve my Spanish vocabulary and spelling in 2022 to be more fluent in the language until I dominate it.
To reach this goal I must read and write more in Spanish daily.  I already read my bible in Spanish, but I know that’s not enough.
So what’s the writing plan?
I will write the entire book of Matthew in Spanish in 90 days. 
Then I broke down the plan to:  I will write 12 verses daily from the book of Matthew in Spanish.
Furthermore, I will start writing at 6am every morning.
So on my calendar I have a daily meeting with myself, really with the Lord, at 5:30am where I know I must have my notebook, my pens, and iPad so I can read and write my 12 verses every day.
So I am prepared, and I can practice what I preach.
On day 1, after practicing my plan, I told 3 people I trust about what I was doing.
Now it’s 3 days later as I’m recording this episode.
How that plan working out?  Let’s assess now:
So far in just 3 days and having written already 37 verses so far, I’ve started to discover accents on words I forgot had accents.
I started learning Spanish at 13 and studied it for 3 years in Haiti, and now I’m revising and adding to my learning.
I’m confident that as long as I follow the plan I will reach the goal.
Am I considering the cost?  Yes, just like running a half marathon I had to do 10 weeks of running in 2010 before I was ready to run 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 3 minutes.
You must develop a plan for your goals. 
You can’t just have goals, you must break them down, and put down the actions and more importantly add them to your calendar.
Be accountable to someone you trust so they know what you’re trying to accomplish.
Then follow through daily or regularly based on the plan.
I would love to hear from you.  Let me know what plans you’re working on this year. 
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After all it’s about establishing better habits in your life as this year is just getting started.
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