Many times we focus on our shortcomings, our mistakes, and sins, but on today's episode,, I'm going to share with you the King's perspective that's so different from yours. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Many times we focus on our shortcomings, our mistakes, and sins, but on today’s episode,, I’m going to share with you the King’s perspective that’s so different from yours. Let’s Go!
God has a totally different perspective than yours.
He thinks in generations. See the gospels and you’ll see how many generations from Adam to Moses, and Moses to David and David to Christ.
Everyone has a part to play.
You matter –
Even Rahab as a prostitute was part of the lineage of Jesus because she helped the 12 spies.
Focus on your purpose and in the end you will obtain a crown.
Stop focusing on your shortcomings. Know them but don’t focus on them.
Rest in Him. To see Him is to know the truth.
He’s with you always, whether you can see Him or not. He promised it.
The problems you run into – He’s turning it all around for your good.
He works all things for good to those who love Him.
Your job is to stop focusing on your mistakes, your sins, your shortcomings, and even your strengths.
Start and keep relying on His strength, His joy, His purpose for you.
He thinks the world of you and You Matter to Him.
You live here for such a time as this.
Get rid of stinking thinking and get on with your purpose in Him.
It may seem that darkness is winning all around you, but as long as you love the King and serve Him, you’ll start getting the right perspective of the truth.
In Him is life and truth.
Follow Him and live at peace!
Hope this helps you see things from a different perspective today.

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After all it’s about establishing better habits in your life as this year is just getting started.
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