Along the way to creating over 500 Podcast Episodes, I learned one great lesson. On today’s episode,, you will learn what 5 things I got from this great lesson, and how they help you to stay the course in any endeavor that will require patience and consistency to reach your goals.

Episode Notes

How To Stay The Course – The Greatest Lesson I learned on the way to creating 500+ podcast episodes.

My first episode aired Feb 21, 2015.  Below are 5 things that will help you stay the course like I have.

1. You have to have a vision of where you want to go. Write it down.
2. You need to develop goals that lead to fulfilling the vision.
3. You need to know your most productive time of the day.
4. You need to be consuming content as well – reading, listening to others and constantly learning – a lifelong learner – True leaders are constantly learning and discovering new ways of doing things.
5. Most importantly you need a routine to put out episodes day in and day out.  If you’re interested in what it’s going to take to stay the course and develop that stick-to-itiveness you need to download “The Successful Entrepreneurs Morning Routine at

In short, it’s about staying the course.
Along the way you’ll inspire someone else to get started on their dreams.
You quitting your dreams won’t inspire anyone else.
Influence increases as you stick to what you said you would do and continue along the way.  Others will be inspired and will ultimately start and more importantly finish.

So is there a finish line?  There’s always a finish line.  How you finish is more important than how you started.

So stick to the way even though it’s not always going to be easy.
Today I’ve got a special gift for you.n
If you’re interested in what it’s going to take to stay the course and develop that stick-to-itiveness you need to download “The Successful Entrepreneurs Morning Routine at

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