Want To Learn More About Your Target Market Before You Ever Sell Them A Single Product or Service.

Target Audience Questions – Take some notes on your audience to learn how to best approach them before you ever sell to them.
  1. Where does your dream buyer hang out and congregate?
    1. Both online and offline locations
  2. Where do they go to get their information?
    1. Google?  Books? YouTube? Magazines?
  3. What are their biggest frustrations and challenges?
    1. Pain points and problems.
    2. Key to the products and services you will offer.
  4. What are their hopes, dreams, and desires?
    1. Easier to write copy on your landing page.
  5. What are their biggest fears?
    1. deep seated fears?
    2. What is keeping them up at night?
  6. What is their preferred form of communication?
    1. Email? Text? Chat? FB LIVE?
  7. What phrases, exact language, and vernacular do they use?
    1. idioms? colloquialism? regionalism?
    2. Comments on FB Groups, Reddit, YouTube
  8. what does a day in your ideal client’s life look like?
    1. What time they get up?
    2. What do they do at work?
  9. What makes them happy?
    1. What can put a smile on their face?