The Daily Motivator

And the Earth shook once again

Before you study the future, you must assess the past. On today's episode,, I have 3 reasons to share with you before you write a single resolution down. So, join me and let's make 2020 your best year yet!

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The simple secret to reaching any goal

Simple Faith

Sometimes we complicate life more than we need to. What do you want? Believe it when you decree it before you see it and you shall see it!

That's as spiritual as you need to get when it comes to receiving from God's kingdom. Yes, you should write it. Yes, you should review it, and re-read it! But why complicate it so much? Read more…

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God Is Love

God Is Love – There Is No Greater Love

We hear it all around us that God is love, God is light and God is just. And so many attributes of God are described to us. However, what are your attributes that make you like God? What is it about you that you're willing to do or create that people will recognize that you dwell in God and He dwells in you?

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