Sixteen months ago this beautiful young lady I knew transitioned from this life to eternal life with my Heavenly Father.  Unfortunately, not everyone who dies returns to Heaven, but everyone of us comes from there.  
Forty-eight years ago, I came from there and was born of my mother in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  My mom would always be the first to tell me about the circumstances surrounding my birth.  I’m sure your mom or dad also remind you of that day.
Did you know that according to Ecology Global Network (, about 4 people are born every second and just under 2 people die every second?  Yep, the world population is increasing and that’s a good thing.
I hope I’m making you think about life and death as you’re reading this.  I’ve always thought about my transition from here, but more so the fact that I have a responsibility to pass on a legacy to my children and ultimately their children as well – who are not even here yet.
So, at 48 years old, I ask myself yet again, what kind of life am I living?  What impact am I having?  How many more years do I want to live so I can have a greater impact?  I realize that Jesus in just 3.5 years impacted 12 men who went on to expand His vision for the last 2,000 years and have impacted 100’s of Millions if not more than 1 Billlion!  
Of course, impact doesn’t happen without intention, and my intention is to help you focus on your impact here too before you leave this earth to the next destination.  I purposely didn’t say final destination because death is not as final as we see it. 
Anyway, here I am in Puerto Rico this morning.  I woke up at 4am and sat down for about an hour just contemplating what kind of life I’ve lived the last 48 years and what I’d like to change in the next 48 years or more.  Yes, long life is a promise, but 100 years old in the bible is still called a child.  For what’s that in the grand scheme of eternity?
I’m sure you think about the fact that you’re not here forever.  Therefore, what can you leave behind?  What can you contribute?  These are my questions.  If Shakespeare and Mark Twain are still having an impact today, we must ask ourselves why?
After all neither of them were born in the digital age that we now live in.  So what was their secret?  What did they tap into that is still having an impact on literature and other aspects of life.
The Apostle Paul is in that same category.  His letters are still being read worldwide.  Matter of fact, he lived way before Shakespeare, yet his letters are read all over every Sunday and then some!  
How would you like to have that kind of impact?  How would you like to live a life of purpose, knowing you’re having an impact then and beyond your time here?
This young woman I speak of you knew as my wife, Yadira, and her impact is still felt on my kids and certainly in my life.  She like me always kept a journal, and she had a morning routine well established in NJ and of course in Puerto Rico.  Her videos are still impact those who are still coming across them and so is her blog and philosophy of life.
At 48, I know that I’m having an impact but my goal is to increase that impact as I challenge, inspire and motivate more people to live a life worth living.  I want to challenge you to look to your Creator who put you here and know that one day you will return the breath of life He gave you as you leave this body.  
Whether you return up or down is certainly up to you, but one thing for sure you will have impacted someone here.  The question how many more will you choose to impact?  Will you allow life’s circumstances to blur your purpose or will you leave a legacy for others to partake of?
In truth, we have all had some kind of impact whether positive or negative on others during our time here.  However, I don’t want to wait until I’ve left this place to hear my Heavenly Father, “Did you learn to love?”  Love simply implies did I carry His heart to others so they would lift their vision above their circumstances.
Like many reading this I want to hear “Well done, good and faithful one,” but even more so that I left behind letters that will challenge others to live a life worth living until their last day here.  
So, what is my first gift to you?  First, thank you for reading this far.  My first gift to you is my new Legacy Quiz,, that I’ve put together for you, where you can determine whether you’re on the right path to pass a legacy to those you leave here upon your departure.
Yes, you may have lost your vision and you may have hit a plateau in life, or you’re simply surviving, but nothing will help you regain your vision and perspective on life like thinking and writing about the day you die and leave your earth suit.
So I understand you may not want to think about your imminent death and passage to the next life, but it’s inevitable.  Remember about two people die every second.  And while you actually have an opportunity to escape death’s sting if you believe on the One who claimed you would, it’s still something to think about.  
Life is the greatest gift you’ve been given and the second one is to realize that you’re mortal yet not finite!  You will live beyond this life, but you must count the cost and decide whether you want to head back to Heaven or take the detrimental turn to Hades which is destined for the devil and his cohorts.
I won’t mince words.  When my wife departed from this world I knew that she was glory bound to returning to the Light.  Many times we assume people return to Heaven but it may simply be because we want to appease ourselves from the truth that they didn’t.  I know this is a hard truth to accept but this life is hard as it is and short.  
When you come to realize that Heaven is real, then you will not only want to go there, but you will make sure to preach it to everyone you know – even if they reject the message!  Thank God in Western society it’s more tolerable than other countries around the world.
However, the truth remains implacable!  No one can change the truth that one day you will depart from here.  It is appointed to everyone to die once, and then the judgment.  
So, I want you to think about the life you’re living here, and if you’re daring enough to do this exercise I’ve prepared just for Go to and take this simple quiz to see how prepared you are.  
I challenge you to Seize The Moment and to live a life of purpose that will impact others.  Don’t be afraid to go after what you believe.  Make plans to visit other parts of this world and see people living in wealth as well as those living in poverty.  Be grateful and thankful for the life you now live, especially in these times.  
Recognize you’ve not been given this life to waste it, but rather to bring others to the realization that it’s worth living and living on purpose.  You’re on a mission and so am I!
Take the quiz and you’ll thank me later.  
That’s my gift to you on my birthday!  
Pierre A. Laguerre
The Daily Motivator
The Entrepreneur On The Move

Are you ready to find out whether you’ve got the right plan in place? Take the Legacy Quiz at, and find out what you can do here before you pass it on to your posterity.

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