Pierre's Business CV

This is not your traditional CV.  More of a Summary of what I’m currently doing for my clients to promote growth in their businesses.

The Daily Motivator

1. Over 25 years in the IT Industry, as both an engineer and 18 of which I spent either selling or supporting Sales teams.

2. Started 3 different businesses due to my entrepreneurial spirit. (1st one in 1993 selling computers with colleagues from City College of NYC)

3. Two of those businesses are still around today – With the first, we are doing Online Promotions for clients in the states.  The other is focused primarily on Consulting and Coaching, and some Business Development.

4. I work with a small amount of clients in a very deep way.  (I spend less than 15 hours/week working and meeting virtually with these clients right now).

5. My goal is to add more Consulting clients either to do their Podcasts, or help with their Projects or their marketing for various projects.

6. My vision is to build a business where I’ll soon be hiring more folks to manage the tasks I’m currently performing for my clients, so I can focus on where I can get the most leverage for my clients.

7. I am currently writing two books (one of them is about business growth) to publish within the next 12 months, and plan to help more clients leverage their marketing to double company sales over time.  This is a passion of mine to see companies grow beyond their current borders.

8. I now live in PR with my children, and travel to the states a few times a year, but with the Internet and Zoom anything is possible with meetings, project workflow, follow-ups, etc.. I have systems in place that help with this.

9. Also, I have a Podcast called The Daily Motivator where I share a lot about Marketing and my journey.  As such I’ve been helping some of my clients leverage their own podcasts as a way to pull their own prospective clients even closer.

This is a summary, if anything here sounds interesting and you’d like to talk further, just set up some time on my Calendar here and we’ll have a short discussion on how we can work together. 

P.S. Also developing some marketing courses – which explains the links to Sales and Marketing you’ve seen throughout this page.