Episode Notes

How to overcome disappointed faith.

We’ve all experienced it.  Maybe it’s a promotion you didn’t get, or a deal that fell through at the last minute.

For one reason or another we exercised our faith, but we didn’t reach the goal.

This is where many of us go back with our tails between our legs and decide to take matters into our own hands.  We start using our failure as proof that either faith doesn’t work, or worse yet blame God for not coming through.

There are other doctrines that come up because many refuse to take responsibility for having screwed up somewhere in the process.  So, we tell folks it wasn’t God’s will, and if He had wanted it we would have received it.  Ouch!

I say that because when I was in Corporate Sales, once you committed to closing a deal you were responsible to do everything in your power to bring it across the finish line.  Yet, when it comes to winning in life many have learned to make excuses instead of going all the way to the finish line.  Now, that’s a real OUCH!  I know I’m stepping on some toes here, including my own when I make excuses for my faith not working.


So, once disappointed do you go back to the drawing board?  You betcha!


We have many promises from the King, including one that says ‘this is the confidence that we have, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.’  Now some stop here and say, ‘Well, I didn’t receive because it wasn’t His will.’  But wait, let’s read the next part of the promise which says, ‘and if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.’


This is actually in the book – and sometimes people are surprised to see that.  This is a legal matter.  The will of the King is made known to us in His book.  It’s up to us to learn that walking with all our needs met (healing, no lack, joy, peace, etc..) is all part of His will.  He paid for it all.


I mean I’ve never seen Him deny healing to anyone when He walked the earth.  Matter of fact, His disciples once couldn’t heal a boy.  When He came upon the scene the boy’s father told him what happened, and He rebuked the disciples for not having learned the lesson and He healed the boy and gave him to his father.  It didn’t matter who approached Him, and asked for healing He always let them know it was His will to heal them.


My point is when you have disappointed faith, you need to realize that it could be for one of two reasons.  Either you didn’t follow through the whole process to receive the promise – that happens to many who stop short when it’s taking too long for them, or you weren’t in faith to start with – see yesterday’s post here: (EonTheMove.com/podcast543) to remind yourself.


To overcome disappointed faith, you must go back to where you last left off.  Say you’re a farmer and you lose your crop due to bad weather, for example, what would you do?  You’d go back to sowing new seeds, and cultivate your field until the next harvest, right? 


Same with disappointed faith – go back to where you missed it, and decide whether to sow again.  Maybe you reached a point where you actually left your harvest to rot out there.  Now many don’t recognize their harvest when it comes and so they leave it on the trees and it rots.  If it’s that’s your case, you may still be able to salvage some of that harvest still out there. 


In the case of a sale, you may be able to call the party responsible, and let them know you can still make amends, or sell them a different widget, whatever it takes to get the work completed in that case.


Yes, disappointed faith is real, but don’t let your experience change your doctrine to say that faith doesn’t always work.  If faith overcomes the world, then it’s not our faith, it’s us!  Let’s take responsibility to go back out there and get back on our faith instead of saying it wasn’t the will of the King.  Let’s become true ‘spiritual scientists’ to quote one of my mentors, and check where we missed it so we can fix it!


There’s more to say on this, but I’ll stop here, and invite you to read or hear more tomorrow on “Cultivating Faith in Your Heart.”


Feel free to ask related questions below or in my inbox.



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