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As long as you’re worrying about the situation you’re facing and still looking for an answer, you’re not yet in faith.  This is the simple and direct answer.  Come along and let’s learn to know when we’re actually in faith and when we’re not and what to do get in faith.

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How do I know when I’m in faith?

As long as you’re worrying about the situation you’re facing and still looking for an answer, you’re not yet in faith.  This is the simple and direct answer.

This is tough sometimes for us to understand that faith is the fruit of total confidence in the fact that you have a solution to the problem, and your actions reveal your agreement with Heaven in light of the solution.  When you’re in faith, it is so strong that many times those around you may think you’re crazy for acting on what you’ve believed!

Ever been there?  You are so convinced in yourself that this is the right solution that you have no choice but to test it? 

And then you failed!  What happened?  You were so convinced in your mind that you had the answer!  What happened is that your heart didn’t have the fruit fully developed yet!  Hmm?  Yes, being convinced in your mind is called mental ascent.  It’s not the same as faith in your heart.  Many have reached this point and been disappointed and let their faith go.  Ouch!

The King Himself describes how the fruit of faith develops in any man’s heart.  If there’s anyone I’d like to learn this from it would be Him.  This is not a mystery, my friend.  He made it clear in ‘the parable of the sower.’  He invites us to learn how His promises can be manifested in our lives so we can really WIN every time!

After He shared this parable, His disciples pulled him aside to explain it.  He asked them how come they don’t understand this parable, and without getting this one how can they understand any other?  He further told them that the secrets of His Kingdom are given to them and to us – His disciples today.  He said that, not me!

So, I ask you ‘What is it that has you worried?  Why are you anxious?’  One of His greatest apostles would tell you ‘Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, let your concern be heard by your Father.’ (Pierre’s paraphrase).

Anyway, you’re probably convinced that you have a right to worry about the problem you’re facing, right?  But once you – like Abraham, have the certitude, and are completely, fully, convinced in your heart – that’s when you’re in faith!  It’s not rocket science, it’s a spiritual law that will work for anyone of us.

When you’re in faith, you are ready to see the promise in the natural because it has fully manifested already in your heart (your spirit man).  No one can deter you from receiving the promise at that point.  Ask Abraham. 

The promise has gone from a tiny seed (something you believed and received) to a fully grown fruit in your heart (something fully manifested).   This is a principle of life, a spiritual lawa.  While I could really go on and on about this today, I decided instead to take the time to actually record a short podcast episode to elaborate a bit more on it, and help you understand this at a deeper level.  Take a listen here:  https://eonthemove.com/podcast543

Tomorrow let’s talk more about ‘How to overcome disappointed faith’ Feel free to ask related questions below or in my inbox. 


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