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What is your next move after a major failure?  On today’s episode, https://eonthemove.com/podcast569, let’s cover what happens when we fail and how to effectively deal with it.
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It doesn’t matter how hard or easy the path is.  Your commitment will always be tested.
Will you quit on your goals?
Will you quit on yourself?
Will you quit on your family?
Will you quit?
You must make no provision for failure.
Yet, you will experience failure now and then, but failure is just that, an opportunity to learn.
What have you learned?
How do you leverage that?
I’m saying that you will fail – YES!
But when you fail, where do you go next?
What is your next move?
Get up, dust yourself up and keep going!
That’s it!
It’s that simple. 
The point is you haven’t reached the destination yet.
And even when you do, there will still be new destinations and therefore new plans to make.
So are you ready to fail?
Fail fast; learn the lessons, and go on.
Even when we have mentors we will fail.
If you step out on what you’ve learned from your mentors, remember they’ve been in your shoes and on the path before you, but that doesn’t mean they have it all figured out.
If anything we have learned is that we’re constantly evolving.
Meaning that whatever you master today there will be new challenges tomorrow.
Why, because the elements change, and we human beings are creatures of habit.
Though we are creatures of habit, our whole infrastructure, the body is constantly changing.
Your brain is neuroplastic – which means it can constantly be learning new things – change.
You are constantly changing, yet hate routine.
Failure is an opportunity to change your ways, your path, your perspective.
So, don’t allow failure to shut you down.
Say with me “I’ve failed and I’ve learned.”
Now I go on and do things a different way.
Failure is your opportunity to learn and discover new ways.

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