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This evening, my son came and I asked me the most important question he could think of, “Dad, how do you feel about turning 50?”
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My kids are now 14, 12 and 10 years old and every year as they reached a new birthday we’d always do something fun the day before like taking a picture of them as the last picture they’ll have at that age.
Also, we’d give them advice and share wisdom with them about the year they are leaving and the new year they’re reaching.
This evening, my son came to my room while I was reading a book, to ask me ‘Dad, how do you feel about turning 50?’
So here are 4 things that I shared with him.
  1. Spiritually, I am learning to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Be led by truth and wisdom. As God’s Spirit only leads us in truth, it only makes sense to learn to hear Him even clearer in my life, and I’ve been focusing on that this entire year.
  2. Physically, I’ve been walking 5 to 6 times every week in the mornings, and while this is a great place to start, I’m very athletic and still love to play basketball and swim. However, it’s back to basics of adding some weight lifting to keep my arms and legs and most importantly my core in good shape, besides keeping to the stuff that’s good for my health. I shared with him how my Grandma, his great Grandma turned 102 years old this year, and I’m not even half her age yet.
  3. Mentally, talking about my Grandma, she has all her faculties in terms of her memory intact. For me, it’s about keeping my mind sharp. I read a lot and listen to a lot of teachings, both in line with my business, as well as spiritual teachings. This is important because renewing my mind is a process that will never end until I transition into eternity.
  4. Financially, we didn’t discuss this aspect, but to me it’s about being able to not only provide, but to be able to give and support the important works around me, like the church I support, and seeing other people’s lives being changed as a result of learning kingdom principles that work in everyday life.
  5. Now there are more aspects that we could have spoken about, but in the end, I simply told my son that for me, it’s about trusting the Lord and obeying Him, which is what brings the true blessings of life.
All in all, it’s not about how old or how young you feel, it’s about walking in line with the Lord, and allowing Him to lead you in the direction He already has for your life. While I can do my own thing and follow my own will, there’s nothing greater than staying in communication with the One who knows me and has created an assignment for my life in this current time that I’m living. It’s the same for you, and I suggest you find out what that is for you.
Finally, while we call 50 the golden age, for me it’s about growing in maturity and responsibility while staying curious and humble to discover more about the life that God has for me and my family! What about you? What does the current age you reached or will reach this year mean to you?

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