Episode Notes

What will define your 2022?  On this episode, I share 3 marks left by 2021, and 3 things that will help define my 2022.  What about you?  I’m excited to hear what would make your 2022! 
If you’re looking for security in this world and in your achievements you have another one coming.
Jesus Himself promised you trouble in this world, but through Him and Him only you will overcome and walk in peace in the midst of trouble.
I know this is not a popular message but I’m not here trying to win your vote today. I’m here to wake you up out of your stupor and remind you of the truth that you can indeed do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
I found myself in that very spot. I woke up early asking myself why am I being complacent in my thinking? It’s easy to know when you’re being complacent! For me things that should take me a few hours start taking hours upon hours. This means I’m either distracted, lack focus, or afraid to step through what it takes to overcome inertia.
You see, it’s easy to settle down and accept what you’ve been given, but that’s a life for cowards. If you want to make a difference you’re going to have to think bigger than where you are, bigger than your circumstances.
You will have to stop being complacent and walking by fear, doubt and uncertainty.
You may have forgotten who you are, but you are still the one that God will work through according to His word to do everything you want to accomplish on earth. Let me repeat that. God will do exceeding, abundantly above all you can ask or think according the power that works in YOU!
You are the key to equation! If you’re not moving, nothing is happening. Remember my friend, the Holy Spirit is the Helper, not the doer. He did his part a long time ago when He moved over the waters in Genesis. He’s still doing, mind you, but now it’s through you, according to the promise that is so big in you! That promise becomes rooted in you and from there you take action because it is now part of who you are.
If you’re not having success it’s because you’ve departed from the promise. You’re living a hum drum life because you don’t believe the promise.
So with that said, I will not keep motivating you here. If you are tired of being stuck and fearful and you’re tiptoeing around your circumstances, yet you know there’s more for you, then join me LIVE on December Monday 6th at 8pm EST to discuss how to elevate your mindset to tap into your spiritual potential when you are surrounded by circumstances and people telling you it’s not possible or just give up the dreams! Go to EonTheMove.com/breakthrough to register now and join me.
It’s easy to settle. Anyone can do that. But if you want to kick it in gear already knowing you can have more and do more, and that’s only because YOU have been made more than a conqueror in Christ. The power already exists inside of you but you have not harnessed it. You are letting the biggest fire of your life go dormant, and it’s robbing you of your destiny.
Time to wake up and reach your potential. Time to put the incorruptible seed to work in your life.
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