God Is Love

No Greater Love

We hear it all around us that God is love, God is light and God is just.  And so many attributes of God are described to us.  However, what are your attributes that make you like God?  What is it about you that you’re willing to do or create that people will recognize that you dwell in God and He dwells in you?

As I’ve just walked through this powerful weekend, I’m realizing that there’s nothing greater than God’s love for us.  There’s nothing greater that can call man to repentance than the love of God.  A God who loves us so much that He was willing to come down in human form, feel our pains, walk the earth and then make the ultimate sacrifice for us by becoming the Lamb that took upon Himself all our sin!
I’m in awe of His calling for each of us in a world of hurt where we are vying for our own place, yet forgetting there’s an eternal world beyond this temporary one with eternal rewards. 

Connecting Vision

The story I best keep in mind during this season is that of my beautiful wife in Heaven who reached out after Hurricane Maria to contact the Keesees’ Ministry concerning doing a Kids Outreach in Puerto Rico.  At the same time, the Keesees had been thinking about doing a mission of this kind in the islands, and here was a key opportunity for them to move forward with it.  And move they did.
In 2017, they sent their son and son-in-love to Isabela to start the project (having been stuck on a flight for 8 hours in Atlanta, they couldn’t come at the time.) 
It would be called the Happy Kids Festival by our Pastors William and Danissa here in Isabela from Iglesia Puerta del Rey.  It was a great success in that more than 100 children in the community and various sectors received gifts for Christmas.
However, we wouldn’t do this outreach again for another 2 years.  And, this time in 2019, Pastor Drenda Keesee showed up with a small entourage to add more fire and zeal to this mission.
I’m in awe truly because if my wife and I never had a vision of moving to PR, and if she had never contacted the Keesees after the hurricane, we don’t know whether this project would have ever taken foot in this part of the islands. 
Of course, the Keesees would have found an outlet for their mission because they were looking.  What are the odds that we, their partners, would end up connecting them with the vision of the Pastors here?

Dreaming is good but it’s better to take action.

Here’s my point.  It’s not enough to have a dream.  You must take action.  Do something about the dream.  Write it down.  Tell it to someone else.  Decide it’s time to take some type of action and do it! 

If my wife hadn’t contacted Faith Life Church, today, while she’s in Heaven, we wouldn’t be still moving forward with this vision, which I credit as part of her legacy of taking action upon every dream we’ve had.
And so today I challenge you not to rest on your dreams and visions.  We had a dream to live in PR and today my kids and I are here living in Puerto Rico, learning to flow in the language and the ways of Puerto Ricans.  We are frankly learning that when you have a vision you take action. 
You don’t wait for the clouds to move, or the stars to  line up, but to take action.  Our time here is temporary after all.  This is not your home.  This is the place where your actions will determine how you get home and where you end up dwelling eventually.
So make the best of it.  Don’t get offended at God if things don’t seem to be going the way you would want right now.  He is already working out all things for your good.  Learn what it takes to just dream with Him, and leave a legacy that cannot be erased. 
I know my wife did.  Though she is no longer in this world, her legacy lives on in me in my children and the countless individuals that will never meet her, and in those who have met her.
God is love, and He is looking to run with you and see to it that you leave a legacy of love as well.  What is the dream that you have on your heart?  Will you write it down?  Will take action on it today?  Will you run with the vision?  He has designed you for such a time as this. 
Dream, write it out and run with it.  You have a baton to pass on to those who are coming after you.  Make sure you don’t drop the baton!  Run as if your life depended on it.  It does. 
No greater love has a man than to lay his life down for his friends.  This applies to all of us.  Have a great Christmas Holiday, and let’s go make our dreams happen.

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