Don’t be afraid to live your life…

The Daily MotivatorDon’t be afraid to live your life.

There will be unexpected events, and things that will happen completely out of your control.

When it is all said and done, you can only deal with what is under your own control. You have been given authority over your mind and your body. But again it is up to you to take that authority and live it out.

Today, some folks woke up on the other sides of eternity and some of them were probably surprised that life still goes on beyond the grave. Yes, we will all have to meet the King and give an account of how we lived here. No one escapes this part of life.

While I look forward to the day when I can come into His presence and give my account, I do not want to live in fear of that day. This is why I decided to find my true purpose and live it.

It is not a perfect science this whole purpose thing, but it is rather the art of living and enjoying every moment with a focus on eternity. You must live regardless of the pain and anguish you may have gone through because you recognize that all things will work out for good to those who love the King.

I can’t stop letting the world know how He has pulled me through whatever seemingly hellish circumstances I went through in my life. I am not afraid to live out loud. I am not afraid to step beyond the man-made ceilings. I am not afraid to fail, and get up day after day going after my dreams.

I recognize this passion is not all for me, but to share with others around me. It is about giving you the hope that once you find this joy there is nothing you can’t pursue as long as He put it in your heart like He put eternity in the hearts of men.

Are you living with passion and purpose or did you dread waking up this morning? I am here to tell you though I am far from perfect, the joy of the King is perfecting my perspective on this life. I am here rejoicing in the God of my salvation.

Nothing is impossible with Him, and when you truly come to know and believe Him, you then realize He’s been waiting all your life to connect with you on a level that neither your spouse nor any other relative or friend could ever connect or completely understand.

It is quite alright because He knows you and wants to be known of you. I have nothing but praise and joy in my heart. The King has renewed my purpose for living this life, and to overcome every nagging circumstance with joy, peace and righteousness in Him.

Heck, if you don’t know the King It is about time you recognize that He has been with you all your life opening doors for you and wooing you to Himself. But He is a gentleman. He will never force Himself into your life. It is all up to you to invite Him in to your secret place.

“To those who seek Him diligently He will reveal Himself. To those who come to Him, He will not refuse them. He will give you peace, joy and love that abounds. He is the great King of Kings, and the Everlasting Ancient of days. He will give you an audience of One!”

Are you ready? The King is waiting for you…

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