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Take time to celebrate the people in your life.  Join me on today’s episode as I take some time to celebrate my mom and my first daughter whose birthdays are today!  Who will you be celebrating today, this week, this month, this year? 
A new year just started and already you’re thinking about creating better habits.
If you’re like most, you’ve already got your resolutions this year.
However, let me warn you as you start down this path again.
Most of us tend to rely on our abilities and start pushing the cart of growth and improvement once again.
However, this is the warning. You start trusting in your own abilities.
What if there was a simpler way?
What if there was already some innate ability that you’re not allowing yourself to tap into.
Well, there is, and you’ve tapped into it at times.
First, it starts with a vision for the year, and from there you can write goals and start going to work.
However, you’re forgetting this little guy sitting on the sideline called “grace.”
This is the supernatural power that works in you to empower you to do the things you can’t do on your own.
Yep, it works in you, if you’ll believe it and allow it.
Haven’t you come to the end of yourself before? That’s because you were relying on your own abilities.
It’s like having faith in your own faith.
When you do that will eventually fail.
I came out of high school with the greatest self-confidence, especially having graduated 5th in a class of over 500 students.
However, in college I was a failure!
This caused me to seek grace!
And indeed, when I found it, I suddenly realized I didn’t have to rely on my own faith alone, but there was a grace that allowed me to overcome life circumstances.
Amazing what happens when you trust God and rely on His ability or grace instead of yours.
Am I saying you won’t have to plan and take action on what you must do here.
Absolutely not!
However, it’s up to you to learn to rely on this little guy we most of the time put on the sideline, who goes by the name of grace.
Again, grace is God’s super-ability on your natural ability yielding a supernatural ability that says I can do all things through Christ, and nothing is impossible to those who believe.
How about starting your day with that attitude!
So, Let me know one habit you’ll establish this year. Mine is to bring you the Daily Motivator, daily!
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After all it’s about establishing better habits in your life as this year is just getting started.
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