And The Earth Shook Once Again…

Fear NotThis time the earth quaked at a magnitude of 6.5 from the south side of the island of Puerto Rico at 4:24am AST / 3:24am EST. For friends and family asking, we are fine here on the north west side of the island, although we have lost electricity all around us, as far as the airport 1/2 hour away based on reports from friends.

Our prayers are simple: Peace over this land, and whatever fault is causing the shake for that to cease! Thank God no one near here is hurt, but we will want to hear about any damage done in the south side as this shaking started 6 miles south of the island.

God is with us, and we are not afraid of what might be! Nothing shall separate us from the love of God. However, your prayers should simply be in agreement with us that the earth stops shaking and that all goes back to its place. Natural tectonic shifts are happening, but they don’t have to destroy people lives. Amen.

For those asking what it felt like: If you’ve ever been in a NY subway when the express train is passing by – Nah not even close! Nough said! Stop worrying and stay praying!


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