DM562 - 3 Commitments You Can't Ignore - Episode 562

3 Commitments You Can't Ignore – Episode #562

You may have made some resolutions for the new year, but on today's episode,, I'm going to cover 3 commitments you can't ignore this year or next, regardless of whether you have made them or not.

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DM558 - What Do You Put In Your Hours - Episode 558

What Do You Put In Your Hours? Episode #558

If time is your greatest asset, what are you putting into your hours? On today's episode,, let's go deeper into how you're managing your time while I share some examples to help you eventually hit your goals.

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DM555 - 51 More Chances To Hit Your Goals - Episode 555

Two Ways To Account For Your Time – Episode #556

How do you currently account for the hours you spend working and playing daily? Do you have a good system? On today's episode,, I'll cover two ways you can leverage to help you track where to put your hours daily.

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