Come Be My Guest On the Daily Motivator! Episode #480

The Daily Motivator

Are you ready to share more about your business or vision with yet another audience? On today’s episode,, I’m inviting you to be my guest on The Daily Motivator podcast so we can share your story with the world around.  Will you take the plunge with me?  Listen and hear the qualifications and then join me. Are […]

Weekend Reflections – That Place Called Momentum. Episode #479

What is required for you to reach Momentum? On today’s episode,, I will share with you the keys required to not only reach momentum but also maintain it once you reach that place.  Will you keep pushing despite the obstacles? Listen and comment. Are you a serious entrepreneur, or well on your way?  Join me […]

7 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make…Part 2. Episode #478

The Daily Motivator

Do you also make this second mistake when marketing your business? On today’s episode,, I’m reviewing the 2nd of 7 mistakes most entrepreneurs and small business owners make when marketing.  Listen and comment. You can catch my recent message “Great Expectations” from Puerta Del Rey here:  Get your copy of the List Building Blueprint ( from […]